Comments here have been very entertaining this week! Based on them, I’ve decided and/or learned:

  • to read Persuasion next – so many people love it!
  • I’m not the only one whose favorite scene in Pride & Prejudice involves Darcy coming from the lake (although that didn’t actually happen in the book).
  • that my WW is so funny because my daughter and the monkey share the same expression.

It’s obvious that Pride and Prejudice is a shared cultural experience for many of us. The shame is that as a miniseries (A&E version from giveaway; I’m not even counting the 2005 film version – horrid!) there was never a room full of theater-goers experiencing it en masse and sighing/clapping/swooning/jeering/laughing together.

It makes me want to invite some of my best girlfriends over for a big slumber party!

[An interesting read: Why do we still fall for Mr. Darcy?]

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