I read about Wordless Wednesday with a Twist at Andrea’s blog today. I love WW anyway, and I thought it might be fun to participate with a theme. Unfortunately, finding out about it so late didn’t leave much time for scouting vintage objects to photograph. What it does give me is an opportunity to feature some interesting images from our recent visit to the Smoky Mountain National Park.

I had an amazing high school English teacher. One of our assignments was to make a grave rubbing, the older and more unique, the better. This involved taking a large piece from a roll of white paper, holding it across the front of the headstone, and rubbing a crayon, pencil, or piece of charcoal across the front to make an imprint. Mine was made somewhere in Louisiana on a family trip, and I’ve been fascinated with old headstones ever since.

While visiting Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountain National Forest, I found this tombstone in the cemetery behind the Primitive Baptist Church:

The history of the incident can be found here, a tragic story of a father and son who found themselves on opposite sides in the Civil War.

The park has areas designated as “Quiet Walkways.” Our family spent a delightful afternoon on one of these. At one point our thirteen-year-old son climbed a small hill and veered off of the trail. When he rejoined us, he told me that he had found two graves. I really can’t describe the feeling when I topped that hill, but as I later told my husband, it was intense. Two gravestones stood in a clearing backed by a low stone wall. Upon closer inspection, however, I realized the clearing was full of small, unmarked stone headstones.

A Google search turned up this page about Vance Newman, so now I know the cemetery we found is called Cole Cemetery.

I also posted a new photo with vintage style on my photoblog.

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