I had comments about the coloring of the vintage bouquet I used for last week’s WW, so I went back and wrote a Photoshop tutorial for it. This week I thought I would post a Photoshop tutorial with my WW, but a much easier one this time.

If you like the idea of a WW with tutorial, let me know in comments and maybe this is something I will try to do often.

Here is the original image:

I just did something very simple and fun with it. Select Filter>Artistic>Rough Pastels. Once there, I used Stroke Length: 6; Stroke Detail: 4; Texture: Canvas; Scaling: 100%; Relief: 20; Light: Bottom. That’s it!

Here’s the finished product, which has the effect of a drawing with pastels on canvas:

If this can be done in Elements, too, please let me know!

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