If I had read How to Make Your Blog Disappear for Dummies (don’t bother checking Amazon for that title) I couldn’t have done a better job than I’ve somehow accomplished lately.  My feed has had so many strange issues that I’ve uninstalled or deleted lots of plugins or post content that I’d really have preferred to keep.  Bloglines has apparently snuffed me, because my feed completely disappeared.  I subscribe to my own feed at Bloglines to help monitor it’s health, and it went from the dreaded [!] symbol (which means your feed is seriously messed up) to just gone.  When I tried to resubscribe it showed that I had 0 readers.  I guess that’s what happens when Bloglines terminates you.  If you subscribe to this blog, you might want to check your subscription, especially if you use Bloglines.

I’ve revamped my About page, based on the really cool layout of the about page at Scott Kelby’s blog, which I thought was much more interesting and informative than my neglected page.

Watch for a post soon (hopefully later today) with all the details about my Totally Twisted giveaway on March 24 – 28 (see graphic in top right sidebar), and of course I’ll be here for Wordless Wednesday (although I haven’t yet picked a photo).

Here’s a fun shot from when I first got my new camera, and please visit my photoblog for a beautiful fountain I photographed at night on our recent vacation in Gatlinburg, TN.

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