Yesterday I sat outside reading and periodically taking pictures of my kids. One of the books I’m reading now is The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby, and I’m currently in the middle of the chapter on photographing people. When I was looking at my shots, I realized that I need to work on one important tip he gave: focus on the eyes.

I’m not sure if you can really appreciate it when looking at these photos which are reduced to 450px wide, but the difference is striking at larger sizes. In the first two shots, the focus is on the eyes:

In the next two, it isn’t:

These shots were taken at the cabin we’re renting on vacation. I love the shot of my daughter behind the heart cutout in the chair, but I’m definitely going to shoot it again later and make sure the focus is on her eyes. I just thought I’d share this tip in case it helps you improve your shots, too.

Check out this shot of my son shooting pool on my photoblog and let me know what you think of the point of focus in that shot.

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