Today is my 2-year bloggiversary!!!

I spent a beautiful afternoon at Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountain National Park, relaxing and taking photos of the family, landscape, and assorted insects and creepy crawlies along the way.

Toward the end of the loop, however, we came across this:

and not 30 minutes later there was this:

Maybe I took the “get the shot” mentality a little too far when pursuing the bear, but I certainly wasn’t the only one. The camera-toting crowd seemed to feel safety in numbers, or maybe we bought into some group mentality that those wild bears wouldn’t think of us as afternoon snacks. Whatever the case, I got the shots (although they’re really not very good, which means I didn’t go too crazy chasing the bears, right?).

Please leave a comment and say hello on my bloggiversary, and check out this beautiful shot from today on my photoblog!!!

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