I was teased at church yesterday for being so slow to post about the awesome day we had with some of our closest friends at Amicalola Falls last Wednesday. To overcompensate for my delay (and get out of the proverbial doghouse), I’m posting a ridiculous number of photos.

Becky and I have discussed going to Amicalola for some time, and we asked Michelle’s family to join us for an afternoon there last week. My family has been to the falls before, but this was the first time for the others.

Amicalola Falls is a 729 foot waterfall – “the tallest cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi River.” I kindly failed to inform Michelle of this (until yesterday, actually) so I wouldn’t discourage her, since she toted a 1-year-old in a sling for the entire hike. Thoughtful of me, wasn’t it?

We hiked up the mountain, which in addition to generally steep conditions contains two staircases totaling over 600 stairs. Here’s a view from the top looking back down the mountain. See that tiny glimpse of concrete at the top of the picture? That’s the parking lot where we started.

Halfway up the mountain there’s a bridge that crosses over the falls. This shot was taken while standing on that bridge:

Here we are (finally!) at the top:

We parked our van at the top of the falls with our coolers and lunch in it. Everyone had a great time playing there:

I love this shot! I call it “Insane Brother Jumps in Front of Posing Girls”:

My new photographic angle is kids looking up. See another shot on my photoblog.

We decided to hike back down the mountain instead of driving. Almost immediately, Lily decided she had had enough hiking for one afternoon, so I carried her most of the way. I honestly think it was more difficult than going up and my calves have hurt for days!

I’m so thankful for these two precious families. The women are among my closest friends and my children are blessed to grow up in a church with their best buddies. Thanks for a great afternoon!

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