A team of bloggers including BooMama and Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer are in Uganda on a trip sponsored by Compassion International. This evening I sat down to read some of the stories of their trip. Sophie (BooMama) posted the story yesterday of meeting the child that her family sponsors, a three-year-old girl who was initially reluctant to even be held, but eventually fell asleep in Sophie’s lap. I saw that sweet little face and I was touched. Deeply. And then I clicked over to Compassion International’s site.

sponsor-a-longest-waiting-child-6mo.gifSome of these children have a heart in the upper corner of their picture, indicating that they have been waiting six months or more for sponsorship. I saw a picture of a little girl named Guadalupe. There was a heart on her photo. She is three years old, born between my two youngest girls.

ho2770009-fullshot-200w.jpegI looked at this little girl and I started to cry. My poor husband was on one of those endless tech support calls with our satellite company, wondering what in the world was wrong with me. I pointed to her picture on the screen. He asked if something was wrong. I shook my head but couldn’t speak. He knows me well enough to know I was too emotional for words.

We were going out for a two-day-late Valentine’s Day celebration and I went to freshen up before we left, but I couldn’t stop crying. I knew we had to sponsor Guadalupe. Suddenly I was afraid that this child who had spent more than six months on the Compassion International site would be snatched up before I could return to the computer and sponsor her. I just knew that she was supposed to be ours.

Sponsorship costs $32 per month and can be discontinued at any time. In Guadalupe’s homeland, a workers wages average about $113 per month, so our $32 will be huge. In the words of another of the bloggers on the Compassion International trip:

The difference between the Compassion sponsored kids and the unsponsored kids is unbelievable. It is the difference that hope, dignity, clothing and love can make.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, go here. Go even if you aren’t considering it. I didn’t know it until I saw her face.

{Update: Compassion sponsorship is currently $38 a month per child.}

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