We recently attended the Christmas concert for our children’s music program, and were pleased and surprised to discover our son on the cover of this year’s concert program. I hate to admit that I had never gone online and viewed the proofs from yearbook photo day. In our experience photographers usually don’t stand much of a chance of capturing a good shot when you’ve got a bunch of kids lined up waiting to go to their class/lesson/ball game. We gave up on ordering sports team pictures years ago, and just take our own. Needless to say, I was surprised to see such an adorable picture of my son on the cover, although I wondered why his hair was such a mess.


Tonight I scanned the site to see the other pictures, and now I know exactly why his hair was so mussed. I think there’s only one other boy in his class and he must have missed picture day, and that apparently left no one but my little Prince Charming to entertain the girls (my daughter is on the top left, too):


The kids are all in bed now, so I’ll have to wait until morning to find out the story behind that fabulous shot! From looking at the next picture, however, I guess I’ll have to admit that the child is usually sporting a serious case of bed head.


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