My two oldest daughters celebrate birthdays this week. We have combined them, for the most part, since the week of their second and fifth birthdays, when the two-year-old had a nervous breakdown because her sister was opening her presents and she was told her birthday wasn’t for four more days. img_7126.jpg
In our household we have a tradition known as the birthday lunch, which means mommy takes you out on a lunch date. By special request, another option is now available – the birthday movie. Since the girls chose to celebrate together and our dear neighbor (bless her heart) gave us free kid’s meal coupons for a nice restaurant – which accepted our expired coupons – we did it all! (I think they deserve a photo opportunity after their kindness.)

We started with lunch, during which I was reminded just how truly loony my kids can be. Drama Queen (my soon-to-be eight-year-old) was in true form, and Princess (now eleven) was rather goofy, too. These girls are great together in spite of their different personalities. Princess is meticulous in her attention to dress and accessories; Drama Queen has earned a second nickname (or actually a third) in our household: the Ragamuffin. She usually has on a mix of clothes that are too big or too small (or someone else’s) and looks like her hair hasn’t seen a brush in a week.

Here are some highlights (is lowlights a word?) of our lunch conversation (P = Princess and DQ = Drama Queen):

DQ: Look! It’s a dead cow! (She also really loved that interesting light fixture.)


P: What does fangled mean?

Me: Huh?

P: Like “She’s an old-fashioned girl in a newfangled world!”

Next they began singing some truly distorted song lyrics:

P: “Somebody once told me the world was macaroni…”

DQ: “I got up and went to the store and bought a toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss…”


(Leave a comment if you think you know the real songs they tried to sing!)

Next Princess got a haircut; of course Drama Queen didn’t want one, because, well, she’s the Ragamuffin.


Here’s the part where all of my real-life friends should call their daughters to come to the computer so they can scream and jump up and down and then call my daughter on the phone: We went to Claire’s and GOT HER EARS PIERCED!!! It was a total surprise. She has been begging forever, but her daddy has not been in favor of it; he finally agreed.

(Uh, oh – this is going to hurt, isn’t it?)


(I can’t believe it’s finally happened!)


We ended with a trip to the movies to see Enchanted, complete with lots of popcorn and coke.


I had such a wonderful day with my girls, one that I think we will remember for a long time. Happy birthday, babies!

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