I am a very frugal person, so I don’t tend to invest in a lot of big ticket baby items unless they’re really necessary. Unfortunately, since we didn’t set out to have a large family, there are lots of things I might have bought had I realized how much use we would have gotten from them. Lily was our first baby with colic. I admit that up until that point I hadn’t believed colic was “real.” I was wrong. I purchased a small travel swing, which was an absolute lifesaver and enabled me to go to baby showers and other things where a screaming baby might dampen the party. I pulled this picture from a site that sells it for $86, but I paid $40 at BJ’s.

baby swing

I’ll take this opportunity to share with you two other purchases I made after Lily was born that were fabulous finds:

Lily Padz nursing pads


a gemstone nursing necklace

Click on the words for a description of the purpose of a nursing necklace. Click on the picture for purchase information. That is the actual necklace I own, which should be quite familiar to my friends and family. Lily seems to know that it’s somehow “hers,” and I still wear it (even though she’s weaned) if I’m going somewhere where I need her to stay quiet. She loves to suck on that big gemstone on the bottom, and my husband pointed out to me that I play with it, too!

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