If you’re like me, you suspect that non-bloggers think you’re a little nuts when you talk about your bloggy friends. Although most of us haven’t met, I consider that I have many true friends that I’ve become acquainted with through blogging. Today Miss Lily and I MIRLed (met in real life) Brenda!

Brenda was one of the first ladies I connected with when I started blogging. We have lots in common: we were born and raised in the same state, we live in the same state now, and we were born seven days apart (same year). If you notice, Lily is sucking her thumb in the picture, which means she was quite comfortable with Brenda. Lily isn’t a constant thumb sucker; she’s an “I’m going to snuggle up for a moment and suck my thumb” kind of a girl. For the most part, she just does it when I’m holding her. Brenda and I had such a nice visit, and she even bought Miss Lily a nekkid dog (that’s “naked” dog for non-Southerners, and a plain hot dog, for those who need more clarification). 🙂

You know what’s really cool? Next week we get to do it again!

It was wonderful meeting you, my friend!

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