Randi is hosting Let’s Get Real Monday and her topic is the 5 senses. Admittedly, when I first read the topic I was clueless as to what I could do with it, but with a little thought I used it to put together last week in review:


Stop and smell the flowers!



On Memorial Day we went to a lovely mountain park, where we used our sense of sight to find two letterboxes!



At that same mountain park, I got in the frigid water with my camera (yes, I know I’m crazy) and followed two of my kids up the stream taking pictures. Although my feet were numb when I emerged, it was very refreshing, like the cold but invigorating water of the foot washing service at communion.



I made pumpkin pie Saturday afternoon, and here are two in the oven. I was using a recipe which makes two pies, but in my mind I was thinking I needed to double the recipe. About halfway through I realized that while I had made two crusts, I was making the filling for four pies. I popped across the street to my neighbor’s, got a pie pan from her, and returned it to her with a hot pumpkin pie. At least if I have to be a confused cook, I had the opportunity to be a good neighbor in the process.



Is anything sweeter than a baby’s laugh?


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