I came across this old photo last night and saw how hysterical it is (I’m sure it wasn’t at the time). Our seventh child was six days old and my MIL was trying (I stress the word trying) to get a good family photo with the new addition. This is new-baby-stressed-out-family at its finest: mom is swollen and sleep-deprived; dad is trying vainly to make everyone smile and get happy; second-to-youngest child (dad’s lap) is still happy and too young to know his world’s just been turned upside down; third-to-youngest child (in floor) knows exactly what’s going on (this has happened once before, remember?) and behaves accordingly; fourth-to-youngest (next to mom) wears a deer-in-the-headlights expression; fifth-to-youngest (next to dad) looks resigned; two oldest boys have “been there, done that” many times before and just want the photo shoot to end.

Remember the total chaos of the first week at home with a new baby? Do you have any delightful family photos like this in your collection?

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