IMG_4845_1.jpgI would fail miserably in my documentation of the kid funnies if I neglected to relate this incident which I missed but was relayed to me in great detail.

Lily has some little friends at church who are close to her age; at almost two, she is the oldest. I have noticed that Lily’s friends, especially the boys, have a healthy fear of her attentions. She is a very loving but aggressive child, which I’ve noticed tends to happen with the little ones in a large family.

After church, Lily, Tori, and Billy were playing at the front of the sanctuary. Apparently Lily stepped between Tori and Billy, and then turned to Tori and yelled “Don’t touch him!” while pointing a finger in her face. Billy’s and Tori’s moms jaws dropped before they looked at each other and said, “Did she say what I think she said?” They were laughing hysterically a few minutes later while telling me the story.

I guess it may be another twenty years before we know who wins Billy’s heart!


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