Today was my Great-Aunt Mayme’s 95th birthday! We have a 3-day annual meeting at church this weekend, so we threw a surprise birthday party/card shower for her this afternoon between services.

Earlier I told you a little bit about Aunt Mayme. At lunch we recalled some classic Aunt Mayme garage sale moments. Aunt Mayme could have been a professional garage sale holder. As a matter of fact, the family feared the authorities were going to show up some day and require her to get a business license; her sales were so frequent and lucrative. I would love to know how many thousands of dollars she generated for the family over the years out of her garage. Once, a lady was having difficulty finding her purse to pay for her purchases. Aunt Mayme had sold it to another customer, who was in the process of driving away with it.

The sweetest thing for me was communion this afternoon. I took communion with my great-aunt and my 7-year-old daughter. What a treasured moment in time to wash the feet of family representing both my past and my future. Aunt Mayme commented on how special it was for her as a 95-year-old woman to be able to take communion with her great-great niece.

Here are some photos of the day, including my Great-Aunt Mayme, Aunt Linda, and I; and the one on bottom also includes my dad and as many of my kids as we were able to grab at the time.

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