Update: All of the bloglines errors are gone today! I think Milehimama was probably right (in comments) about it being caused by blogger maintenance. I was gone all day and didn’t realize there was maintenance yesterday. I’m leaving this up in case it helps anyone in the future with a site feed error. They seem to happen all the time.

Dear friends,

I went to check my bloglines tonight and found that not one, not two, not three, but EIGHTEEN of the fifty-one blogs I subscribe to are showing feed errors through Bloglines. I posted about this in November when it happened to me. Usually, if I see one of my friendly bloggers with a feed error I email them and tell them about it. Since emailing eighteen of you seems a little labor intensive at the moment, I’m hoping this will help. Just email them and ask them to reset your feed.

Blessed blogging!

p.s. – To find out if you have a site feed error, subscribe to your own blog, and look for a red [!] by your name, both on the list to the left and in the upper right corner next to “edit subscription” when you click on your individual listing. A site feed error means that bloglines will not show subscribers that you have posted anything new (even if you have). Hopefully this is a freaky bloglines thing and will resolve itself.

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