You know that feeling when you are so excited about something that you just can’t wait to blog about it? Then later you’re telling someone about this exciting, bloggable event and you say, “Oh! It was so great that I wrote about it on my blog.” Then you cringe and wait for the reaction. Is it just me, or do you sometimes feel that your non-blogging friends think that your blogging habit is odd, or worse yet, just plain weird? I think it is one of those things that you just don’t get until you do it, providing you want to in the first place. There’s some statistic about how many words a man uses during the day compared to how many words a woman uses; I think the joke is that women talk their husband’s ears off at night because they’re using up the rest of their words. Maybe habitual bloggers are just utilizing the rest of their daily quota (or sparing their spouses, whatever the case may be).

My oldest daughter was telling me the other day about something Miss Leigh said about our blog. “What? Who? Huh?” I stammered. You see, Miss Leigh is my neighbor across the street; my neighbor who (supposedly) didn’t know about my blogging habit (I just love the way Code Yellow Mom’s Calvin called it “her work” – that’s a good boy). Well, I talked to Leigh today and she was excited to tell me that she has started her own blog this week! How cool is that? She wants to blog, too. Leigh has a 3-year-old, and 1-year-old twins, all girls. Feel free to stop by and say hello.

I was truly touched today to see that Melanie posted about my son’s recent baptism. We’ve seen evidence of the Lord’s spiritual quickening of him for some time; we were thrilled that he felt the desire to walk in gospel obedience by joining the church and being baptized. He is one precious boy, if I do say so myself.

Last, but not least, No Cool Story posted about socks that go missing today, complete with actual photo of her LSB (lost sock bag) and the question: What goes missing at your house? Every few months, I take the current pile collection of single socks, sort them by sex (of wearer) and general size, and have all of the kids look to see if they claim any of them or have mates in their drawers. The leftovers get tossed. I’m thinking maybe it’s about that time again… Since moving last summer, my husband has been unable to find one of his suits. When we can’t find something, he and I say it’s “with the suit.”

Okay, maybe I’m not finished after all: check out Barb’s delicious sounding holiday bread recipes, and Magi’s holiday recipes, too. I’m wanting to try those Chocolate Candy Cherries; my grandmother always made them for Christmas Eve, and I’m excited to have a recipe now.

Have a blessed weekend!

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