Today I laid my old coffee maker to rest. From my best guess, I think it dates back to the late 80s, when my husband brought it home from work. His district manager said that the thing had sat in a box for months and apparently no one was going to use it, so just get it out of there. Neither of us drink coffee, but I used it for brewing tea. Once, we broke the carafe and I was able to buy a replacement. When we broke the carafe again this week, I discovered that this model is so old that the replacements just aren’t going to fit. With great glee I discovered that I could buy a Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker for about $9 more than I would have paid for the replacement carafe, and it’s what I really need in the first place.

Tonight I took it out of the box, thoroughly read the destructions (that’s what my husband and I call instructions, after one of the older kids who always said it when they were little), and put it to use. I was proudly showing my husband my clever little gadget, when I said, “Oh, look – Tempus Sans ITC!”

“What?” he said.

“You know, Tempus Sans ITC?”

“No, I don’t know.”

“The font. They used Tempus Sans ITC. On the iced tea maker. See?”

“Other people don’t know the names of fonts.”

“Yes, they do. At least I think they do.”

“No, they don’t. It’s just you.”

Is it just me? Isn’t there one of you who would have said, “Oh, yeah. That is so totally Tempus Sans ITC.”? Here’s a picture I snagged off of ebay of the box. Tempus Sans ITC. Well, except for that funky curly “C” they added to “ICED.”

I am issuing a challenge to my husband: If no one leaves a comment that they would have also known the font, I will concede that he is right (he has made this comment about no one else being so interested in fonts before). If such a comment does appear, however, I challenge him to actually leave a comment on my blog.

I have emailed him this post, which was the first time I visited Callapidder Days and decided Katrina’s husband was one cool guy. No luck. My blog is his homepage at work and he even emails me his results for my lame blogthings quizzes, but still no posted comment. Good grief – Great Scot is a contributor at The Beehive, and Barb’s husband even has his own blog (well, even the dog has her own blog in Barb‘s family, but that’s beside the point).

The thing is, my husband won’t see this until he goes to work Monday morning, and by then I’m counting on one of you, my geeky blogging friends, to have assured my victory! Mwahahaha!

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