I knew we had a busy day ahead of us, and I wanted to make sure to vote before heading off for our monthly Keepers at Home meeting and three hours of band classes. I had two hours of one-on-one teaching time with two of my kids, and then decided to take my 11-year-old son with me to vote. I knew this would be a more valuable teaching moment than anything else I could serve this morning. It was great: we didn’t have to stand in line; he watched and questioned the whole voting process and even touched “Cast Ballot” on the screen; and he got a “Georgia voter” sticker to wear the rest of the day. We got home and started lunch on time. For a few moments, I experienced the satisfaction of a woman who thinks (notice I said “thinks”?) she has her act together.

Lunch was when things started heading south. Tuesdays are piggies in a blanket and biscuits day. Unfortunately, the second batch came out of the oven at the same we needed to head out the door. It’s still sitting on the stove (I’m doing my blogging in the parking lot outside music classes again). When we got to the van, we realized that there were no car seats. After all of the weekend travels, there was one in a car and two in the garage; obviously we did not leave on time.

Dropping off the kids in the nursery and Keepers at Home went smoothly, except the girls are learning to knit, which I cannot do. Another mom and I felt totally inept last year when the girls learned crochet; today was a flashback. She has nicknamed us “knitwits” in honor of today’s experience. When I was picking up the kids from the nursery where they stay during Keepers, a deafening alarm went off. I looked in the hall and saw my three-year-old daughter standing, alone, with a deer-caught-in-the-headlights look on her face. Next to her was the pulled fire alarm.

After calling 911 to let them know the church was not on fire, we were off to music classes. I will not recount my adventures in Ross buying a belt; it was calm in comparison to the rest of the afternoon and my last adventure there. In spite of the day’s successful beginning, I was reminded once again that I do not have my act together.

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