I have come to realize that a meme is usually for the author, not the audience. For this tiny meme, I have recalled fond memories of my mother, my grandparents, and a comedian (he doesn’t really count), all deceased. I have resisted jumping on this word association meme bandwagon, mostly because I hadn’t seen words that tickled my fancy, but I liked these that Melanie posted:

1. Biscuit – This reminds me of the school year (in jr. high?) when every day after school my grandmother fixed a big pie plate of biscuits for me and my granddad, which we ate dripping in sorghum and butter. I always wanted the biscuit in the middle, without any darker cooked “edges.” I always cook biscuits on stoneware where none are against an edge, so that I don’t have to fight my kids for the middle biscuit (and give away my secret that in some ways I am possibly more childish than they are).

2. Crayon – This makes me think of my and my mother’s particular fondness for school supplies, especially a fresh box of crayons. When I’m trying to describe something to my husband and I comment that it is periwinkle, or maize, or – well, you get the picture – and he looks at me with that bewildered look, I say, “Didn’t you have the 64 box of Crayola Crayons?”

3. Warmth – crawling between flannel sheets on a cold night.

4. Flip – This one has stumped me. The two things coming to mind are Flip Wilson and the flip I try to achieve with my hair.

Here are four new words for anyone who wants to play:




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