I got the idea to post this Works-for-me-Wednesday from this other WFMW post. Bryan got me a Palm Pilot for Christmas in 2004. One of the first things I got excited about was using it for my grocery list. At first I kept a grocery list on the notepad, but then I found this amazing program, Splash Shopper. I not only use it for my grocery list, but Christmas shopping lists, curriculum buying lists, even our McDonald’s list (do you know how hard it can be to remember what this many people want to order?). It is very easy for me to grab my Palm out of the diaper bag and add an item to my grocery list whenever I think of something. Here is a screen shot:

Splash Shopper also has a desktop program. That is very handy when I’m making curriculum shopping lists before homeschool conferences, because I can sync the information between my computer and Palm when I’m finished; then I’m ready to go. Splash Data has several different Splash programs, which usually can be purchased in money-saving bundles if you need more than one. Splash Shopper really works for me! Posted by Picasa

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