Barb asked the question of how other blogs got their names. Hers is a very interesting story – I wasn’t even familiar with the song, so I hadn’t “gotten it.” My story is quite boring in comparison, but I just wanted to play…

I started my first blog on Homeschool Blogger, but I didn’t know what to say, didn’t know anyone who blogged, basically I just didn’t get it. Period. It sat there all alone for months. When I was looking around Homeschool Blogger, I saw another blog called Home Sweet Home and I really liked it; it just seemed to fit. I homeschool, have a house full of kids, I’m all about home. Also, I was so un-blogging savvy that I didn’t know how important and unique a name could be. It’s probably a miracle my site isn’t named after gummy bears, something like “Amazin’ Fruit!” So now I’ve confessed my horrible crime: I stole my blog’s name from some other poor innocent blogger. Maybe I can start another site and get to use blogger beta, like Brenda; she was invited and I wasn’t (can you tell I’m sulking?).

Y’all go visit Barb. She has a way of telling a story that makes me feel like a teenager again. It is also amazingly cool that her whole family blogs. Check out “Just Us Girls” on her sidebar!

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