On Friday, Sabra and I participated in what can only be described as a quilting marathon. We quilted with our friends, the Pattons and Shamblins, for 8 1/2 hours. By the time we finished, Sabra had completed the first 2 rows of her quilt. I pinned and ironed, but Sabra did the actual quilting.

I took some pictures of the girls while they quilted and then some of Sabra after we got home. When I tried to upload them, I discovered that I couldn’t. I had been ignoring a “CF card error” message which kept popping up on my camera since Thursday. What it meant was: “There are almost 2,000 pictures on this compact flash card and you’d better clear it out.” Fortunately, I learned my lesson the last time I did this when I lost a lot of photos. Now I upload them to my computer constantly, which is why I only lost photos from the end of this week. Hayden took a couple of pictures Sabra for me with her rows. I’m not sure why she looks so serious in the last one – probably something he said to her!

I’m really excited for Sabra about her quilt. When she finishes, she’s going to have done something I’ve never done. Kids have a way of keeping us humble that way, when they surpass us in their knowledge or experience in a certain area. We will get together again on Wednesday and do another row, which will contain appliques.

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