I have been so worried because Felicity’s cast never hardened on the bottom, which is where the broken bones are. It has always felt soft, but now it is completely worn through at the heel and very thin on the rest of the bottom, too. When I called the orthopedist, they told me to use MASKING TAPE to reinforce it. Admittedly, I was a bit relieved. The office is 40 minutes from home and the last visit cost $70. Even the pediatricians’ office was a bit surprised by this solution. When I see this blue tape, I usually grab a paint brush and a can of paint, but I’ve refrained. I taped it on Monday and it’s stayed intact so far!
You may also note in the picture that Snicklefritz is wearing clothes now. Felicity has started changing her (or asking me to) all the time. In this picture, she said Snicklefritz was about to get married. Posted by Picasa

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