Tonight, Lily Rose was introduced to the magical world of chocolate. She had lots of help blowing out her candle!
You can see a touch of ice cream on her mouth. She was not particularly excited about it, I think because of the temperature.
Hmmm… good stuff!
Content after her first experience, Lily has now been initiated into the mysteries of the female obsession with chocolate. It is really strange that even as children, there seems to be a difference between the sexes and their love of the stuff, or at least this is what I’ve observed with my clan.While we were eating cake, there was a deluge outside. While some may say it rained cats and dogs, for us it rained little frogs (that rhymes, doesn’t it?). Hayden, Christian, and visiting friend, Andrew, took off through the neighborhood on scooters as soon as the rain slowed. The streets were full of water, and just looked too fun for the boys to resist. They came home with three very small frogs, which now reside in an aquarium in Hayden’s room.

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